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Welcome to your little new world!

This is a quiet and chilling game about little villagers, who live under the big tree.

You are to control the village, make right decisions and distribute resources. This is the game about exploring – because first of all, you have to understand the rules of this world, and only then you can organize life well.

You will make tries and make mistakes, and through that you will understand the rules. Be ready to make a few of tries. But most of the rules are quite easy to understand, for example – it hard to catch fish from the hill, people do not work without home, children don't get born on the streets, etc.

Right now, the project is only a prototype, does not have a whole lot of content in it and does not have a clear goal in it. But, if you will like the mechanics – I will keep on working on exploring part in the game.

My plans are:

  • Technology
  • Religion
  • Trade
  • More interactivity
  • More locations
  • Leveling
  • Etc.

P.S. Sorry for the ugly android control

P.P.S. ..And glitches on 4k


worldTree-32 31 MB
worldTree-32.exe 21 MB
worldTree-64 32 MB
worldTree-64.exe 24 MB
worldTree-mac-32-64.zip 26 MB
worldTree.apk 14 MB

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